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Borehole Drilling

A water borehole is however a specially engineered hole in the ground, making provision for water to flow into this hole and allowing for a pump to be installed inside the hole to allow abstraction of water. As Polokwanezim Boreholes we are specialists in offering this service.



Pump Installation and commissioning

Polokwanezim Boreholes has significant experience of designing submersible water pumps and surface pumping systems whether working with our own borehole installations or those provided by third parties.


Borehole flushing

Polokwanezim Boreholes can provide you with a complete water borehole cleaning service.
You may find your water from your borehole has become very dirty, full of particles, clogged with iron oxide and other deposits or you may just feel it needs cleaning.

A dirty borehole will not get cleaner until it is professionally cleaned, if there are large deposits of iron in the borehole and surrounding area bacteria will form creating thicker iron oxide deposits.

This is not good for your pump and all other equipment which the water passes through, this includes plastic pipes, it sticks to and will eventually clog all pipe work and filters.

It will render your ultra violet light filter useless and you will need to change your particle/string filter quicker then you can order them. Bacteria forms everywhere there is water so if you feel you would like a borehole clean just to keep your mind at rest please contact us.


Borehole Maintenance

Boreholes are not just to be drilled and forgotten. They do like many things need to be kept in good shape in the form of maintenance. This does not need to be anything serious or massive and a few simple things can keep your borehole in good condition for years and years